Jun. 10, 2023

Government Claim Form

Pursuant to the California Government Code, beginning at Section 900, any individual seeking to file a claim for money or damages against the judicial branch must first file a written government claim.


While there is no established form for filing a government claim, Gov. Code Section 910 does list the items of information that must be included in the claim form. For convenience purposes, a form for filing a government claim can be found at the following link:


Government Claim - Judicial Branch


Once you have completed and signed the form, you can personally return it to the Court by handing it to a clerk in the Clerk’s office.  If you would prefer, you can also mail the original signed claim form to the following address:


Del Norte Superior Court

Attn: Esperanza Esparza, Court Executive Officer

450 H Street, Room 209

Crescent City  CA 95531


The information included in, and omitted from, a government claim form can have serious legal consequences. For instructions on how to most effectively fill out a government claim form, you should consult with a qualified attorney.

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